Summer camp 8.8.-12.8. Outer Space + Star Wars

3. srpen, 2016

This week we will be learning about such things as the different phases of the moon and gravity. Will use games and videos to help children understand these concepts and differences between Earth and Space.

-Games-Saturn ring toss, Moon rock Hunt

- Movies/Short video clips- Star Wars, Space Jam, Magic School Bus, etc.

-Cooking-Galactic Juice

-Arts + Crafts-Phases of the moon, Magic Stars, Planet Earth craft

-Field Trip-Games in the park



Summer camp-25.-29.7. Olympics Games in Rio

25. červenec, 2016

The Summer Olympics are held in Rio de Janeiro this year, so we will explore the host city  and country and learn about the different summer sports in this event with the help of Vinicius & Tom, Rio 2016’s Mascots. We will also focus on the importance of practice, perseverance, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


6. červenec, 2016

AKCE na školné:
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Akce platí při registraci do 31.8. 2016.Více na a tel. 777 277 495

Summer camp-18.-22.7. Aesop"s Fables

1. červenec, 2016

We’ll hear the following Aesop’s Fables and discuss their morals through different activities.


  1. The Tortoise and the Hare

  2. The Ant and the Grasshopper

  3. The Lion and the Mouse

  4. The Dog and Its Reflection

  5. The North Wind and the Su



  • Movies - video clips shown through projector

  • Arts & Craft - Heart Lions, Sun Mobiles

  • Cooking - Veggie Grasshoppers & Ants

  • Games, Worksheets, Puzzles, etc.

  • FIELD TRIP - reenact stories in the park



Summer camp-4.-15.7. Safari Adventure

9. červen, 2016

Summer camp Safari Adventure

4.7 - 8.7 ( 5.,6.7. holiday-school closed) and 11.7. - 15.7.

A lesson on Safari Animals – facts taken from encyclopedia, flash cards


  • Coloring sheets on Safari Animals with an emphasis on the alphabet letter for each animal – great for our study of the alphabet

  • Safari Games – an easy game to keep your preschooler entertained – they roll they dice and then act out the animal activity – great for reinforcing what they learned in their animal lesson.

  • Activities and movies on projector

  • Lots of outisde activities

  • Cooking time .Safari animals crafts

  • All day trip Terarium Praha

Naše Školka

Foxíkova školka Praha 9 - výuka a zájmové kroužky v Anglickém jazyce pro všechny zvídavé děti od 3 do 7 let.

o školce

Naše Jesle

Foxíkovy jesle Praha 9 - přijímáme děti od 12ti měsíců.

o jesličkách


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